A Balanced Diet – The Ultimate Guide

A Balanced Diet – The Ultimate Guide

Clean Diet Basics , What Is A Balanced Diet?

The word ‘Diet’ can be a misleading start to any article as the word diet in itself evokes ideas of restriction.

First and most important thing is that no one diet fits all, we are all genetically different and our lifestyles ages and a host of other things come into play when considering your food balance.

Good nutrition is important for good health. A healthy and varied eating style can help to maintain a healthy body weight, enhance general wellbeing and improve your profile of fighting a number of diseases including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and osteoporosis.
Healthy eating consist of four main categories of foods – of course there are some other minor groups. But these four main food groups will provide a healthy diet the bulk of its nutrition.

They are: vegetables and fruits, grain products, milk products, and meats and / or alternatives.

You must have carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals salts and fibre in the correct proportions. If there is not enough protein, you will not be able to grow properly and you will not be able to repair yourself i.e. wounds will not heal properly. If you do not have enough energy containing foods you will feel very tired, you will not have enough energy. If you have too much energy containing foods you will become overweight.

A healthy diet will serve a good balance of each of the food groups listed for your genetic profile and your lifestyle. Of course, different individuals will need different amounts of food. Other factors such as age, body size, activity level, gender will also affect the amount and mix of food you eat. Below is a guide to provide you with a general idea of how much from each group you should serve for a healthy diet.
Please note that meat is NOT an essential part of a healthy diet, however obtaining the correct balance of amino acids from plant based sources can be a little more difficult than on with meat based protien. Contrary to what many say, you can get enough proteins from vegetables, beans and soy products.

Moderation and timing are all key to balancing your food and your energy requirements.

A healthy diet is a diet based on breads, potatoes, and other cereals and is rich in fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet should include moderate amounts of milk and dairy products, meat, fish or meat/milk alternatives, and limited amounts of foods containing fat or sugar.

If you think that you are overweight you might try taking more exercise to “burn off” some of the excess food which you ate at you last meal.


1) Remove Toxins

  • Reduce the amount of refined sugar
  • Reduce the amount of non organic foords
  • Take a break from Alcohol
  • Make sure you are not eating foods that bloat you, find an alternative, bloating can be an indication that your digestive transit is slowed
  • Drink pleanty of water / fruit teas etc

2) Restore what is lacking

  • Eat a good mix of fruit and vegetables in your diet
  • If you feel run down or constantly fatigued get your doctor to get your bloods checked to see if you are deficient in any minerals like Iron or vitamins like B6 or B12

3) Rejuvenate your life

  • Get in some exercise, its not just about loosing weight, although that can be a benefit, it can increase your mental wellbeing, increase your heart and lung function, it does’nt have to be intense, a good brisk walk, a Yoga or Pilates class al bring benefits.
  • Have a change in foods for a while, cut out bread for a month perhaps, or have a few days off meat, try


  • Reduce Artificial Sweeteners – No added sugar can be a sure sign that it is full of sweeteners that can cause stress on our adrenal gland and pancreas
  • Try to increase the amount of organic foods you intake to reduce your exposure to the pesticides and artificial hormones in your diet
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