How to Loose Fast & Safely

The scope of what a clean diet is is subjective, but moderation and portion size can be a good start.  Making your own food can be a key to reducing the chemicals you consume in processed foods.  Pesticides and preservatives can unduly unbalance your body and digestive system. So when people decide to reduce fat the low-fat siren goes off.  For years we have been told to reduce fat intake, and in some instances quite incorrectly, the storing of fat in the body is usually triggered by increased blood sugar levels, this can be from the intake of high levels of Starchy Carbohydrates (Refined Sugars, Potatoes, Rice, Flour), but they are not the only issue, Artificial sweeteners with tiny calorific profiles don't raise the blood sugar levels, but they do tell the body that it needs to deal with a high blood


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