Customer Panel

Please make sure you use the same case for your user name that you initially used, it is case sensitive.

So here is how to do it.
Once you’ve got here enter the e-mail address you use for booking and Password (need to reset Password, use the button below, not the ‘Forgot Password’ link in the box below)

once your customer panel is logged in you can see all the classes you have booked, you can cancel or reschedule them here.
Also if the customer is logged on when you go through the booking session process you won’t have to put in your name e-mail or tel number for each booking, just your membership type, and membership number if appropriate.
NOTE:  if you have used different e-mail addresses when booking now or previously you won’t see any of those account details only the ones booked on this email address.

– If you haven’t set up a password, or forgotten it click the ‘Set or Reset Password’ button below
you will be taken to a reset password box in a new window.  Enter the e-mail you used/use when you book a session, you will be sent an email to that address, follow the link in that email to set your new password.  (The reset password link in the e-mail has a valid time to use it or you will need to do it again.)   You can now use your email address and password above on the  ‘Customer Panel’.-