FAQ - Choosing Your Gym

What To Consider before you choose your gym

Choosing a Gym or classes
Opening Hours Is it open when you need it, is it open on bank holidays?  And if it opens at 6.00 am it should be, we hear of so many facilities closed when they should be open, most annoying if you’ve made the effort and gone to find they are late opening (talking hours not minutes), or they closed 3 hours early on a Sunday because it was quiet.
Parking Choose a town based facility without a car park and expect a walk and / or Parking Fees, train 5 times a week with parking at 50p a time and add £10 a month and that walk.  Pick somewhere with on-site free parking.
Can You use it Before making that commitment physically go to the facility when you are likely to use it and check that you can get on equipment, that the feel is good, so many small places restrict time to use some equipment as a class is on in the same area.
Comfort when you exercise you sweat, but a bit of air-conditioning can make it more bearable, avoid the tin roof buildings and other places that have no air-conditioning 
Cleanliness Most of us would like to be able to use toilets and showers, so check them out make sure they are clean and that there is enough.  Look at the general cleanliness and have a sniff if it smells and looks grubby do you want to be training there.
Induction Program Do you get an induction and program, if so what is the cost.  Lots of budget gyms only offer personal training programs at high cost, just be aware wait you get for your money.
Full Classes Make sure you will be able to get into the class you want, lots of smaller places can only have small number of participants and you could end up not being able to book on the class time after time. And if you can you could be closer than you want to the sweaty body next to you
Boot camp Courses Don’t get conned into the “do our Boot Camp twice a week” for a price higher than a cover all membership elsewhere, where for a lower price you can do more classes a week when you can get there.  If you don’t want to do a long term membership, and only want to do 8 or 12 weeks and are pay up front I’m sure most gyms would discuss a price.  That way you get a variety of classes and could get fitter faster.
Why Sprung Flooring Shin Splints, Back Pain, Sore Feet.  Impact injuries put people out of the game so much more than you may think.  Doing intense exercises like Jumping, Combat classes, Circuits on a concrete floor, or one covered in rubber matting can have a devastating outcome.  There is a reason places spend so much money on Sprung Flooring, it can extend your exercise time and avoid injury.  Avoid converted shops and warehouses that just put a carpet, paint or matting straight onto a solid floor.
Yes We have a separate Ladies Gym away from the main gym.

LyonsDen Fitness Ladies Gym

We have a separate ladies gym for a less public workout

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