Pump FX

Pump FX strengthens, tones and defines every major using barbells & Weight Plates.

Gym inspired moves to suit the beginner to the experienced exerciser, light to medium weights, no jumping round you can work next to someone at the other end of the fitness spectrum and both get your best workout. taking you through a warm up and then 7 other sections that work larger muscle groups to start with through varying speeds and step movements, Squat Section is followed with progressively smaller muscle groups, Chest and Triceps, Back and Lats, Triceps in isolation, Lunges, Biceps and Finally the Shoulders

Multi-level – suitable for all levels and abilities, male & female

Instructor – Neil Lyons

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Pump FX

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  1. Love this class! Neil is great pushes you but keeps everything light hearted and fun. If you want low impact, toning exercises this class is a definite addition!

  2. My favourite class! If you want a class that you can feel working this is for you! Works every part of your body, your own personal working out area and no pressure to keep up with every one, it’s all kept at your own pace! Great workout!

  3. Last night I attended this class with my sister. We should have got there a tad earlier as everyone was set up with their equipment already and it takes a few minutes.

    A very helpful chap asked us if it was our first class and then helped us with our barbells, explaining we should have two sets with different weights, showed us how to fix the weights on and when to use each one. We also got our step box and a roll mat.

    The class was brilliant and fast!! Lots of reps using the barbells and exercising and bringing to life muscles in arms, shoulders, back, chest, legs. Lots of encouragement and explanations from Neil but also from the girls nearby who told us which barbell to use for each segment. I had to rest a bit during some of the reps but otherwise got through the class unscathed. Followed the class with the Pilates on straight after.

  4. This is a great class and suitable for anyone. Neil is encouraging throughout the session and uses a range of exercises and movements to utilise the main muscles in the body. It’s a good full-body workout and can be adapted to each person, making it as hard as you want.

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